Shoes for Events will take you a long way

Diego-BlackHave you been out to an important event lately? Or have you maybe been to a wedding and taken a look at some of your mate’s footwear? Unlike European men the average Aussie guy seems to have no clue when it comes to formal shoes for men. I have seen far too many guys in cheap $150 Chinese made shoes that have big square fronts and thick chunky rubber soles. Wearing mens wedding shoes like these with a suit is a major fashion disaster and you will look terrible. Gone are the days of wearing wide style shoulder pads in suits. Suits are tailored in a slim line fashion today and you need a pair of footwear that will match. You should be wearing slim last formal footwear, as it will go with the contours of your suit and will make you look taller.

Until recently in Australia, most European footwear brands marked “made in Italy” or “made in Spain” came with a premium price tag. Importers had to pay high import duties and take into account the low value of the Australian dollar. This was then passed onto retailers who have to cover these costs as well as pay huge rents for their shops. However now this has changed with the rise in the value of the Australian dollar and the fall in import duties from 10% to 5%. As well with the rise of online shopping locally, there is a lot more competition out there. Plus, some European importers have their own websites so you can cut out the middleman and buy direct saving you hundreds of dollars.

Matador Shoes based in Australia is one of these websites. As a shoe wholesaler, our main business is dealing with designer menswear shops around Australia. However two years ago we set up our own online shoe shop and we sell direct to the public. This means we do not have the high overheads, and we can bring you fantastic prices on beautifully made mens leather shoes. Our website is divided into different collections and in these collections can find different styles and colours. Our prices range from $199 through to $250. These are savings of well over $100 a pair and during the year we have sales on at different times and our prices drop as low as $129.

We are able to have such good prices as we have cut out the middleman. We have all our products made for us in artisan workshops and we do the importing ourselves. We have a large selection of quality mens shoes you will find nowhere else in Australia. All our designs are unique and are at the forefront of European fashion trends. So before your next wedding or major event, don’t think you can’t afford to buy Italian or Spanish made designer shoes. Come and check out our website.

Are you the type of guy that likes to think that you have good fashion sense?

fancy shoes for menThe type of guy that that takes pride in what he wears and likes the latest European fashions? Well then you are also going to be someone who is going to want to wear only the best type of footwear money can buy. I am talking about hand crafted mens leather shoes made in either Italy or Spain.

Here in Australia, we do not have as many fashion choices as people who live in Europe. However this is now starting to change with many big name European brands such as Zara, Top Shop and H & M arriving in Sydney and Melbourne.

When it comes to footwear though many local clothing brands only stock cheap Chinese made shoes. If you are a fan of quality made mens formal shoes you should have a look at the website run by Matador Shoes. They are the number one place to buy mens designer shoes online in Australia. They have the latest in European styles of classics, such as oxfords, derbies, boots and brogues. Their collection comes in a variety of colours and their range includes some models that have unique and standout patterns and designs in the leather.

Matador Shoes designs their range here in Sydney, Australia and then have them hand made in Spain by master footwear maker Pepe Jimenez. The Jimenez family has been crafting men’s footwear in Almansa, Spain for over 40 years. They have a small artisan workshop and use only the finest quality French tanned calfskin leathers. We have been working with the Jimenez family and Pepe for the last three years to be able to bring Australians a quality range of footwear that is made to a high standard but is affordable. Each pair is made by hand using techniques handed down over generations. Shoe making is a way of life in the small town of Almansa and the Jimenez family is part of this tradition.

As someone who works in a casual office space I do not have to wear formal business shoes to work. However, I do like to dress up when I go out. My favorite type is a men’s slip on shoes. If you go to the Matador online shop you will see a great range of these in many different colours and shapes. Their Silvio model has a unique cross over pattern in the upper of the last and is like nothing I have ever seen before. The Juan model has to be my favorite. It has a wing tip design that you would normally find on a brogue. It is made using a slim last and goes great with a pair of jeans to dress them up for a night out in the city or can equally look good with a suit.